Drying, grinding and separation of complex waste

The topic "Packing and environment" often arises only when packing, having executed the basic functions, still often finishes its lifetime at the dump, unfortunately. But such one-sided view doesn’t reflect a strategic approach to ecology as an integral and important part of good stable business.

Research and Production Company PARMATECH demonstrates by its activity an aspiration for combining a profitable business with environmental responsibility. After packing has been served, its lifetime doesn’t necessarily have to end up at the dump. And whereas the fact that the complex waste packages such as Tetra Pak are almost not decomposed, there is only one alternative - and it’s real already in our country - Recycling.

According to the existing technology, the paper fiber extraction is performed at pulper – at utility for waste paper recycling. Due to the fact, that work is executed in aquatic environment, the technology is associated with high energy costs and problems with waste treatment and waste utilization. However, despite the considerable costs, recycling is profitable. The unique technology of Tetra Pak dry desintegration in aerodynamic dispergator was developed and tested at our enterprise, now allows to recycle Tetra Pak packages less costly. Then fiber is usually directed to the production of cardboard boxes and corrugated packing, paper bags and sacks, office paper. Moreover, they make out of it toilet paper, paper towels and paper napkins. However, in the case of complex packages such as Tetra Pak, profit may be even more pronounced. Indeed, in addition to cellulose as a result of recycling, it’s also formed so-called " «polyaluminium mixture» - a mixture of present in the packing layers of the thinnest aluminium foil and polyethylene (approximately 25% of total volume), or even separated polyethylene and pure aluminum (if equipment and technology allow). These "residual" components can also be recycled in various ways.

Learn the recycling results:

Tetra Pak packaging.


Package content: 75% high-quality cardboard, 20% polyethylene and 5% aluminum.

Elopak Purepak packaging.Упаковка

Package content: 85% high-quality cardboard and 15% polyethylene.

Self-adhesive materials. 

Пленка Orafol

Soft PVC film with glossy or matte finish. Substrate - Silicone coated paperboard coatedon one side, the density of 135 g / m ². Polyacrylate, permanent adhesion.