History Parmatech

Technological innovations are the basis of production. Fundamental changes/innovations are extremely rare in technology of basic production processes. Realization of theoretical solutions in process equipment is very complicated and long-standing process.

Fundamental theory of a new aerofibrous cellulose composition technology was laid in the 1980es. It became possible uniting fundamental knowledge of aerodynamics and dispersion technology.

Before 2000 R.K. Khakimov, the candidate of engineering sciences, was carrying out the work, dedicated to equipment creation, which allowed to use aerofibrous cellulose composition technology on industrial scales. During this research a lot of experiments on industrial model of a new equipment – aerodynamic dispergator were made. The following dispergator types were developed:

  • D series - for drying and regrinding of fine-dispersed materials;
  • DR series –for drying and grinding to required grain-size structure of lumpy materials;
  • DE series – for lumpy materials breaking up (paper for recycling, etc) to single fibers saving its length and crimp.

The experiments on drying and grinding of the following materials were carried out: waste wood (sawdust, scobs, wood chips etc); peat; farm waste (e.g. straw); nonwoven fabrics. Also paper for recycling breaking up to single fibers (cardboard, newspaper and office paper for recycling) takes place in aerodynamic dispergator. Great demands of raw materials quality for paper production and stability of operation of the equipment are made in pulp-and-paper industry, it is caused guarantee of quality and reliability of developed equipment – dispergator. Developed equipment allows to get the product of required humidity and dispersion characteristics (grain size composition).

Developed equipment obtained scientific recognition and was appreciated during famous world exhibitions:

Le Concours Lépine International ParisLe Concours Lépine International ParisInternational Invention Exhibition “Lepine contest” at 2003. Le Concours Lépine International Paris, which is annually organized under the aegis of inventors and producers of France (A.I.F.F.) – silver medal.



VII Moscow international salon of innovations and investments, 2007.Moscow International Salon Innovations and Investments



The World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New TechnologiesThe World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New TechnologiesThe World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technologies in Brussels, 2002


At present more than 30 equipment units and production lines on the basis of aerodynamic dispergator were produced, they are used in paper for recycling processing, sawdust, peat production lines.