Recycling: drying and grinding of hen feather

Feather recycling (drying and grinding) is executed in aerodynamic dispergator with a strong air flow. As a result of such recycling, intensive feather drying is executed while its rachis is grinding.

The special design of aerodynamic dispergator allows grinding of the rachis of feather to be executed with regard for feather motions peculiarities in the intense air flow - a feather always moves so, that its rachis is perpendicular to motion vector (barbs, which are located on the rachis, work as a sail). This feather position in the air flow allows to grind the rachis lengthways, i.e. the rachis of feather is not cut, but it is ground lengthways saving the parts, where barbs are fasten.

Raw material - hen feather
Recycling results
Перо Переработанное перо

Received product doesn’t contain extraneous inclusions.