Lumpy materials

DR Series

Aerodynamic dispergator

1) Aerodynamic dispergator;
2) Fun;
3) Cyclones;
4) Silo.

This series is specially engineered for effective drying and grinding lumpy materials of ingoing size to 150×100×15 and basic humidity to 60%. The devices of this series differ from D series in construction and increased size of high-performance rotor. This series devices allow to get dry product of humidity below 8% by weight, medium grinding with participle size is less that 1 mm.

DR Series models are DR-500, DR-1000, DR-2000, DR-5000.

The basic model of aerodynamic dispergator DR-500 allows you to grind effectively and dry lumpy material and get homogeneous product with necessary features of dispersion and humidity with capacity of 500 kg/hr. More productive models of aerodynamic dispergators DR-1000, 2000, 5000 differ in increased capacity from 1000 to 5000 kg/hr respectively.  

All DR series devices provide for the power inputs for grinding and drying in the specified equipment are optimized due to rational using of rotor percussion action to material and intensive friction of particles in dense bed during the movement in the dispergator with high circumferential speed.

It’s more effective to use DE and D series models for processing the fine-dispersed materials, also for a fine separation (the production of separate fibers or fine grinding)