Powder and fibers

DE Series

Aerodynamic dispergator

1) Aerodynamic dispergator;
2) Fun;
3) Cyclones;
4) Silo.

DE series is the first in the whole family of aerodynamic Dispergators. DE series is assigned for effective dispersion (separation or erection) of the fibrous material to separate fibers. One of the problems, which is solved during the grinding / defibration process at DE series aerodynamic Dispergators is  the maintenance of the fiber primary characteristic (length, crimp, etc). The devices of this series established a reputation as reliable and easy to maintain. All DE series models can also be used as separators for efficient material dividing.


Below there is a specification, which is given as a review of aerodynamic Dispergators DE series potential. The results depend on the in-process material features, the figures are approximate. The figures are given as the results of newspaper recycling. The tests in our centre allow you to confirm expected results of necessary material. Here you can look through the results of already carried out tests.

Rates Units of measurement Figures
Capacity Kg/hr 300-500
Feed stock size, not more than mm 200х200
Feed stock humidity, not more than mm D- Diameter 0,015-0,020
L- Length 0,5-4,0
The humidity of product, not more than % 10
Airflow thousand м3/hr 10-20
Rotor rotation frequency r/min 300-2000
Overall dimension of aerodynamic Dispergator DE-500 mm 2415х1720х1550


It’s more effective to use D and DR series models and for a processing large efficiency materials, but of more coarse grinding (for example, biomass preparation for following pellets and briquettes production).