About company

The name of our company comes from the words “Parma” and “Technology”, “Parma” means the wealth of Perm region - natural resources. Parmatech - is technologies of nature preservation, technologies and solutions, which allow to use natural resources sparingly.Today "Research and

Production Company “Parmatech" designs, produces, sells and services high-quality equipment for different materials processing. The company carries out designs and production in cooperation with key machine building plants of Perm region.  The company's activities directs to natural resources conservation for future generations due to innovation products and services development, which allow to increase efficiency of processing companies all around the world.

Company main motto is  

Preserving natural resources through innovative technologies and solutions.

Main operation of company

Parmatech specialists give all services and operations, which are:

  • designing, production and supplying of equipment;
  • contract supervision and commissioning;
  • staff training;
  • warranty and post-warranty service;
  • production and supplying of  replacement parts.

We are proud to have careful examination of each investment project conditions as the beginning of our service package organization.  The aim of every our project is increasing efficiency of Client activity and improving his output.


The basis of our technology is a unique development – Aerodynamic Dispergator, which allows to effectively combine such production steps as drying, grinding/defibration and separation, forming one compact equipment unit. Joint activity with innovation technological equipment developer allows to use extensive knowledge and skills, which are necessary for satisfaction of different demands of clients and also allow to understand concrete requirements and goals of our clients.