Research and development

Would you like to research drying and grinding possibilities of your product? Just connect us. We’ll do it! For doing it we need to have some your material.

Equipment efficiency, product patterns and energy consumptions can be straight gotten and measured during the test. Then test report will be issued.

Perhaps we already have data of drying and grinding of your material – you should learn the results on the following pages:

Recycling: drying and grinding of paper recycling - corrugated board, office paper, newsprint.

Recycling: drying, grinding and separation of complex waste - juice package, wine package and milk products packages (Tetra Pak, Elopak etc).

Recycling: drying and grinding of hen feather.

Recycling: drying and grinding of wood waste to get wood flour.

Separation: separation of waste recycling tires – of nylon fibers and rubber crumb.

Getting fibers of annual plants.

Recycling: drying and grinding of nonwoven fabric.

If you have any questions, you can ask our specialists.