Рaper recycling - corrugated board, office paper, newsprint

The main problem of traditional paper recycling technologies is the difficulty of paper depuration from a lot of different viscidities: postage stamps, labels, insulating tapes, sticky tapes etc. These extraneous subjects percolating through coarse sieve easily clog the equipment. For catching them one has to let recycled paper through slow and powerful hair sieve. Paper industry is already searching the technological process, which would allow to depurate recycled paper efficiently for a long time, but this problem is urgent today. The difficult task is also water pollution minimization, water, which is used during paper grain recycling and which should be depurated before repeated usage.

Traditional wet technology of paper recycling is characterized by high energy intensity and high specific intensity of flow (to tens of cubic meters/ tonne of production) and high volumes of wastewater.

Problem: To assure effective paper depuration from extraneous impurities.

Solution: The usage of inertial separation principle in aerodynamic dispergator allows to effective separate extraneous impurities. Particles of one material of necessary characteristic are taken tangentially from grinding zone to bin, which is situated at the bottom of equipment; and particles of other material of other characteristic are selected radially.

Problem: To reduce energy intensity of stock preparation and minimize water pollution and water use.

Solution: Aerodynamic dispergator substitutes a number of traditionally used equipment units, paper recycling is executed in the air not using water, that assures reducing of power inputs and excludes water pollution.

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