Recycling: drying and grinding of wood waste to get wood flour

The problem of biomass recycling, including wood waste, is in the peculiarities of the processes of drying and grinding.

Drying and grinding peculiarities of dispersed materials are considered in details in ‘Basic Foundations’ and ‘Solution methods’. Wood waste recycling (drying and grinding) is executed in aerodynamic dispergator with a strong air flow. As a result of recycling, intensive drying and simultaneous grinding are executed. The special design of aerodynamic dispergator allows fine separation of material from drying-grinding area to be executed, that ensures uniform granulometric composition of the product . Intensive air change allows to use for material drying air of rather low temperature, air velocity relative to material particles is 23-30 m/s (conditions of ideal dryer).

Raw material - wood shaving
Recycling results – wood flour
Стружка Древесная мука

Received product doesn’t contain extraneous inclusions.